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Who am I ?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to beauty and refinement and consequently, weddings appeared as a matter of course for me. The joy on the faces, the surrounding love, the union of two souls inspired me. Beyond my wedding planner services, you will find a person (over!) Sensitive, passionate, engaged, and hopelessly in love with beautiful encounters and love itself. I am extremely fortunate to pursue my passion as a job, surrounded by the beautiful scenery that offers the french auvergne region.
I look forward to meeting you and discovering what makes you…you!

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& artistic director
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My trainings


Event management degree

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Specialization in wedding management and organization

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Membership Growth

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My journey

Wedding planner

After my studies, I went adventuring in New Zealand to rejuvenate, discover new ways of living and thinking aswell as meet new people. This Trip enabled me to broaden my horizons, enhance my open-mindness and curiosity but also define the values on which my agency is based today. I seek to perform my best every day and to do so as a wedding planner, I accumulated trainings and experiences within wedding and decoration agencies. A few years later, here I am with great pleasure and immense pride to present my own wedding agency!

Offering you the best version of my-self and of my tools is very important for me. That’s why I educate myself throughout the year and maximize my process ; more quality and efficiency.

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My values



Because each encounter, couple and story are unique, I will be with you every step of the way to organize the wedding that suits you and reflects your personality and wishes.

Special attention is given to your emotions and your own values to bring you an authentical wedding. In order to organize your special day, I make sure to truly get to know you and sincerely listen to what you have to say. Understanding your story and your daily life, sometimes even knowing how you occupy your weekends, is important for me to create a unique atmosphere and wedding, both respectful of who you are and your personal story because they are authentical…



I guarantee a transparent organization of your wedding.

I will present you with detailed quotes and provide all the necessary elements to guide your decision making however you will always remain the final decision maker, on every subject.
I will optimize your expenses in all transparency and goodwill.

I am conscientious about each project, big or small, with a large or reduced budget, with no judgement whatsoever. I am a source of advice to help orientate you towards the best option that respects your needs, your budget and your dreams.



I’m sensitive to our environment, a true nature lover who appreciates the wonders and treasures it brings us daily.

I favor an optimized and mindful consumption during the organization of your event without compromising quality nor your wishes!

To do so, I am committed to a responsible eco-friendly approach that I carry out through small daily actions:
a better paper management (paperless solutions);
1| Waste recycling;
2| Software tool management (computer completely shut down each night, put-on standby during
breaks, etc);
3| Carpooling practices when visiting venues;
4| Reports sent by email ;
5| Recycling diverse everyday objects

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