10 Key Points to Choose Your Wedding Planner !

Choosing your wedding planner is the first step in your wedding preparations, and it’s no small task! This person will accompany you until the big day. Therefore, you need to select a professional who aligns with your values and project, relying on their organizational skills, expertise, and budget management.

Here are 10 key points to help you make your choice.

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#1| The geographical area of your Wedding Planner

We can’t stress this enough: choose a professional who is familiar with the area. Their network of vendors is often local. What could be better than having someone who has already worked with these professionals or whose local reputation precedes them to select your AMAZING vendors?

Moreover, if you’re not on-site, you’ll have your wedding planner to handle technical visits to the venue, potential virtual meetings with your vendors, and more. Having a trustworthy person on the ground is priceless!

#2| Meet before committing

It’s important to meet the person you want to hire. Find out if you’re on the same wavelength, and it’s especially important for the Wedding Planner to introduce themselves. Getting to know each other and seeing if you share common values is crucial.

#3| It’s a matter of connection

That’s why the previous advice is so important! It’s essential to feel a good connection, to share the same vision of the wedding. Note that it’s relatively important to trust your instincts, so that a climate of trust can be established in your relationship with your Wedding Planner. It would be a shame to spend money on this role and then be unable to relax and enjoy your big day due to a lack of trust.

#4| Understand their working methods

It’s normal to ask your wedding planner about their tools, methods, and organization. This is precisely what will tip the scales—a well-organized professional with methods that resonate and align with your preferences. For example, if you tend to get anxious, a professional with clear and comprehensive tools and regular communication will provide you with more reassurance.

#5| Know your budget

Before embarking on the search for your Wedding Planner, it’s important to establish your budget. In fact, this will be one of the first questions the planner will ask you. It will determine the feasibility of your project and also influence the choice of professional. Each Wedding Planner is different and has different fees based on their expertise, experience, or unique approach.

#6| Study the different packages

As we mentioned earlier, every Wedding Planner operates differently. Therefore, it’s obvious that they won’t offer the same services. You’ll find the comprehensive organization package, but sometimes there are other packages that can help reduce the cost.

#7| Determine your needs

This introspection is important. It will allow you to better target the services you’re looking for in your wedding. Perhaps you only want the presence of your Wedding Planner on the big day? In that case, you’ll be looking for a professional who offers such a service.

#8| Trust their experience and training

Let’s be clear. A person with qualifications is reassuring. It’s proof of their expertise in their field. And to be honest, the profession of a wedding planner is not something that can be improvised. Hiring a certified and regularly trained individual is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

#9| Activate your networks

You might know someone who knows someone whose cousin hired this Wedding Planner. All of this is to say that nothing beats the testimonies of newlyweds. Reviews bring credibility to the professional, so don’t hesitate to indulge in a little reading ;)

Note: I take this opportunity to suggest that if you’re satisfied with the photographer from your best friend’s wedding, leave a small comment on their page. It brings great joy and can reassure future clients.

#10| Overcoming prejudices

I assure you that hiring a Wedding Planner does not take away from your wedding. This person is by your side, working together to achieve your dream wedding. They offer you the best of their expertise, their network, and, most importantly, their experience. The role of your Wedding Planner is to create a wedding that you couldn’t have organized and envisioned on your own.

How about we get to know each other?

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