Elopment : Quézako ?

Definition: An elopement refers to an intimate wedding, conducted discreetly, which may take place during a trip but does not involve a large gathering. The term was originally used to describe a marriage conducted clandestinely, often involving the elopement of a romantic couple with the intention of getting married.

Today, elopement is a trend that originated in the US and is increasingly appealing to future brides and grooms. The goal is to get married in a small group – usually with a maximum of 10 people – in complete privacy, in an idyllic setting.

#1 | Why Choose Elopement over a Traditional Wedding?

“A big reception is not for me.” Getting married in front of a whole assembly, often composed of people you haven’t seen in years, doesn’t suit you? Elopement is for you! Times have changed. The romantic getaway is no longer seen as a taboo associated with impossible marriages or unions disapproved by families. No, no. Today, more and more couples are turning to this trend to unite in complete intimacy, often exchanging their vows during a secular ceremony surrounded by their witnesses and parents, all in a majestic setting.

Forget the fairytale wedding! What matters most to you is saying YES to your partner, surrounded by the people who matter most to you, atop an Auvergne volcano? So be it!

#2 | Streamlined Organization

Organizing a wedding is time-consuming and stressful, let’s admit it. Who to invite, the dreaded seating plan, the non-expandable budget, choosing a suitable venue, ensuring all guests have a great time and enjoy the day, and so on. These constraints can intimidate some couples. But the traditional wedding is no longer the only option! You still need to consider your desires (wedding in France or abroad), who will be present, what kind of experience you want to have, the time of year, and choosing the vendors who will make this day a unique and unforgettable moment. However, we are far from the meticulously timed organization of a traditional wedding.

Take a deep breath, stress much less, and above all, enjoy! And nothing prevents you from organizing a small celebration, a barbecue, whatever, upon your return with your friends to celebrate the event.

#3 | And the Budget in All of This?

An elopement is often much cheaper than a wedding reception; no venue rental, a caterer for ten guests instead of a hundred, decorations proportional to the number of attendees, etc.

However, if you fall in love with a designer dress, want to get married abroad, stay in a 5-star hotel, and hire a wedding planner to organize your big day, the budget will inevitably increase.

#4 | Words of Caution

Before choosing an elopement, you should consider these few points.

A | Be prepared to disappoint some of your loved ones. For example, your dad may dream of escorting you to the altar, or Aunt Josephine may not understand why she isn’t invited. Be ready to explain your choice.

B | Don’t choose elopement solely to lower the cost. It would be a shame to opt for elopement just because you can’t afford a more lavish reception. This union should be a true choice, something that reflects who you are, rather than just a solution to a budget constraint, lest you regret not waiting a few more months to save more.

C | The solution in the face of the health crisis. It’s often tempting to think that elopement will spare you the constraints of COVID-19. Think again. In the case of a destination wedding, you will need to present an up-to-date health pass and, in some destinations, a PCR test. So, yes, changing the seating plan a week before the big day because Uncle Germain is a close contact, Adeline is unvaccinated, and Michel doesn’t feel comfortable being surrounded by so many people may not be ideal. However, this virus and the associated constraints should not hinder your dream wedding.

elopment in Auvergne Wedding

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