What is Day-of Coordination?

What is Day-of Coordination? Simply put, it involves having a Wedding Planner present on your wedding day to coordinate the events and ensure everything runs smoothly.

You have put in a lot of effort to plan this day and make everything perfect.

#1 | The tasks of the Wedding Planner

While the main tasks take place on your wedding day, the work actually begins well in advance. In order to successfully coordinate the event, the Wedding Planner:

In advance
  • Contacts your AMAZING vendors whom you have carefully chosen
  • Organizes a technical visit to the reception venue so that everyone can anticipate any constraints, know where they will set up, familiarize themselves with different areas, etc.
  • Creates the timeline of the day based on the constraints and logistics of each element
  • Contacts your loved ones to coordinate any surprises they have planned
On the wedding day
  • Welcomes and coordinates the vendors
  • Receives deliveries of furniture, tableware, etc.
  • Ensures that they have everything they need to deliver their best work
  • Welcomes and guides the guests throughout the day
  • Ensures that the timeline of the day is respected to avoid delays or omissions
  • Acts as a liaison between the vendors and the different stages of the day (notifies the DJ when the couple is ready for the first dance, etc.)
  • Anticipates and resolves any unforeseen issues

#2 | The advantages

There are multiple advantages to hiring a Wedding Planner for the coordination of your special day. Firstly, it allows you to delegate the organization of the day after choosing your vendors. You can rely on the expertise of this professional to create the timeline of the day and handle the final details that you may not have considered.

It also relieves your family members from the burden of managing the schedule, allowing them to enjoy the celebration as guests. This is a task that is often heavily undertaken by family members.

In the week leading up to the big day, you can simply relax, rest, and focus on your relationship.

Finally, on the wedding day, you can rely on your Wedding Planner. Enjoy every moment: your last morning as an unmarried couple, getting ready surrounded by your witnesses and parents, the ceremonies, the overwhelming emotions, …

Live in the present moment, without filters, and without worrying about whether everyone is seated in their place, if the DJ will start the music on time, etc.

#3 | When to book and how much does it cost?

For a Day-of Coordination service, you can hire your Wedding Planner between 4 and 6 months before your big day. This is the necessary time for them to take charge of the project.

Let’s talk numbers. You can expect to pay between €1,000 and €1,500 for Day-of Coordination, including all the tasks mentioned earlier and their presence from the preparations until the cake cutting and the start of the dance floor.

Wedding planner lyon

Now, take the leap and hire a Wedding Planner to relieve you on your big day. Let’s make an appointment for you to present your wedding project to me.

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