Wedding Hairstyles: Tips from a Pro!

Here are some tips to guide you in your wedding beauty preparations. And for that, there’s nothing better than seeking advice from a professional.

Introducing Lolita from Salon l’Épingle in Lempdes.

Crédit : Amandine Leroy

Want to look your most beautiful on the big day? It’s a lovely promise that requires some advice. That’s why I turned to Lolita to guide you further in your beauty preparations. It’s important to prepare your skin for a flawless complexion. The same goes for your goddess-like mane!

Do you want to conceal a few gray hairs that are starting to show? Or simply touch up your roots? Lolita advises you to color your hair one week before the big day. By then, you will have had two shampoo sessions, and the color will still be vibrant and natural without any visible regrowth.

For highlights or balayage, schedule an appointment two weeks in advance. The overall look will blend harmoniously into your hair, resulting in a more than perfect and NATU-RAL outcome!

Crédit : Anne Letournel

To ensure that your wedding hairstyle lasts until the end of the night, this “hair bun expert” advises you to wash your hair the morning before the wedding, avoiding heavy hair masks. If you have trouble detangling your hair, consider using a conditioner to make the process easier.

However, your bridesmaids or maid of honor can opt for a morning wash on the wedding day to achieve blowouts and simpler hairstyles.


Plan for 2 to 2.5 hours at the salon. Lolita will work with you to define the style, volume, placement of the bun, and the number of people to style, etc. It’s ideal to bring along photos of hairstyles you love and ones you don’t like.

If you have any accessory ideas to enhance your hairstyle, don’t hesitate to let her know (inspiration photos are always welcome) so she can incorporate them accordingly.


Remember to wear a robe (treat yourself, personalize it) for comfort and to avoid damaging the hairstyle when removing it.

Bring your accessories: fresh flowers, comb, hairpins, veil. Lolita will happily add the finishing touch to your hairstyle.

These are a few tips that will help you organize your hair trial with more ease.

To delve further, in the next article, you’ll find all the advice for your bridal beauty preparations.

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