The questions that are never asked to a wedding planner

To echo the previous article on the 10 most commonly asked questions to a wedding planner, here are the questions that are never asked. And yet, in my opinion, they are equally important.

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#1| What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?

It’s important to understand the type of relationship you will have with your Wedding Planner. In my opinion, it’s important to maintain a relatively close relationship without crossing into friendship territory. You will be sharing family stories, fears, ups and downs during the planning process. The Wedding Planner often takes on the role of a “friend,” but remember that there is a contractual agreement between you.

#2| Can I have a standard contract?

Receiving a standard contract is the perfect opportunity to see what is included and what is not. It allows you to review the terms you will be agreeing to. If there are certain elements that make you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask your Wedding Planner for clarification. There may be certain clauses that can be modified, such as the amount of various deposits.

#3| What is your educational background?

Just as it would be inconceivable to consult a doctor without a degree, the same applies to your Wedding Planner! You are entrusting them with one of the most beautiful days of your life! It’s important to ensure that this person has a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask about their education and various certifications that support their skills. Being a Wedding Planner is not something that can be improvised! Like any other profession, it requires training and expertise.

#4| Can I contact previous clients who have used your services?

This is THE question that I strongly encourage you to ask. There’s nothing better than contacting previous clients of the professional you are considering hiring. They will give you their initial impressions, concerns, and, most importantly, their experience as future newlyweds with this person. You will feel more comfortable exchanging your fears and often asking questions that you may not dare to ask your Wedding Planner.

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#5| What is your process?

It is essential to know what you’re getting into. And it’s understandable because getting married is not your profession. Ask about their process so that your Wedding Planner can present their working method and tools to you. This will be an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with their approach and envision yourself more in the preparations!

#6| Will I really save time by hiring your services?

I’m sorry, but NO! It’s a misconception, and let me explain why! But before that, I want to clarify that the added value of a Wedding Planner is to organize a wedding that you wouldn’t have been able to achieve on your own.

Your Wedding Planner won’t save you time because they will often be in contact with you, asking for your input on various choices, and more. Their goal is to organize a tailor-made wedding for you and will make suggestions if they think it’s relevant to add something to your big day. However, this person will significantly reduce your mental load! Everything will be planned, organized, and presented to you on a silver platter. You will still need to choose the vendors, but the burden of seating arrangements will undoubtedly be taken off your shoulders!

#7| Is your pricing negotiable?

This is the touchy question. And I will answer, no! When you go to a restaurant, you don’t negotiate the price of the menu or the bottle of wine. Well, it’s the same for most vendors. Their price is determined based on their work, expenses, equipment, and more. It is a fair price. Starting your relationship in this way is unfortunate, in my opinion. From experience, many vendors are often willing to offer a gesture on the quote without you even asking. And they will be more inclined to enjoy working with you if they feel that their work is respected ;)

In general, choose your vendors based on a gut feeling; sometimes, you have to make a budget concession to achieve the desired outcome and have no regrets on the big day!

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